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Eng. BN increases mission capability, ensures greater predictability with GCSS-A
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SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- The 84th Engineer Battalion activated the Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-A) - Feb. 5 to replace the Standard Army Management Information System.

GSCC-A is a modernized logistic and financial system that benefits tactical units and installations by tracking unit maintenance, the aggregate costs of owning equipment -- including repairs and annual vehicle services - and the order and delivery of supplies, spare parts, and organizational equipment.

GCSS-A provides a means for users to exchange operational data pertaining to tactical maintenance, materiel management, property accountability and tactical financials -- all of the sustainment-related functional areas. By having access to operational data, units can conduct meaningful cross-talk and improve the efficiency and readiness of the Army as a whole.

"We are able to order parts, track parts ... and all classes of supply go through it. You can get live information of what SSA has available in their warehouse, so we can get the parts we need faster," said Staff Sgt. Rayce Burns, 523rd Eng. Company motor sergeant. "Soon GCSS-A will manage supplies for the entire Army. Right now, the transition period is difficult, but once we learn the ins and outs of GCAA-S, it will be very useful. I am excited the Army is trusting us to learn and use this new system."

Some of the advantages that GCSS-A presents are uniformity, planning, and accountability through a multi-scope framework that allows leaders to manage their combat power. Units now have the means to integrate thousands of local databases into a single system. Commanders can now anticipate, allocate and synchronize the flow of resources through the use of real-time expense report, thus better managing and controlling funds.

Within the first month of operation, GCSS-A greatly streamlined and improved maintenance operations in the 84th Eng. Bn. Commanders and leaders are now able to see equipment status reports and can better prioritize repairs throughout their fleet. Ultimately, GCSS-A provides units with realistic forecasts for when equipment will be mission capable, and ensures greater predictability for when and how maintenance will be conducted.

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