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GCSS-Army Completes 50% of Increment 1, Wave 2 Full System Deployment
By James P. McDonough


On Nov. 4, Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-Army) achieved a major milestone in the full system deployment of Increment 1 by surpassing the 50 percent completion mark for Wave 2. System deployment for Increment 1 was divided into two waves in order to reduce risk and turbulence on the Army units receiving the solution. Wave 1, which replaced the Standard Army Retail Supply System, the Single Stock Fund/Middleware and the Funds Control Module, completed fielding in November 2015. Wave 2, which replaces the PropertyBook Unit Supply Enhanced and the Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced, began full deployment in August 2015 and is scheduled for 100 percent completion in November 2017.

The Wave 1 solution involved approximately 14,000 users throughout all Army components, while Wave 2 involved approximately 140,000 users. Lessons learned from the Wave 1 deployment help the GCSS-Army deployment team implement Wave 2 efficiently and effectively. With the completion of Wave 2 system deployment in November 2017, GCSS-Army Increment 1 will have moved the Army closer to its goals of achieving total asset visibility and reducing the logistics footprint.

James P. McDonough is the branch leader of the Support Operations Branch, Program Management Division, Product Manager, Global Combat Support System-Army. He is a retired Army lieutenant colonel and has bachelor's and master's degrees in English from Duquesne University and a master's degree in philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh. He is level 3 certified in lifecycle logistics and level 2 certified in program management from the Defense Acquisition University.

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