Top Stories
July 2016 599th Trans. Bde. Converts to GCSS-Army Mrs. Donna Klapaski
May 2016 GCSS–Army: Wave 1 Is Done James P. McDonough
October 2015 Strategically Responsive Logistics (A Game-Changer) Torchbearer Campaign
Fall 2015 Global Combat Support System - Army CW2 Lamar Hizer
November 2015 Integrating bill of materials data into the Army's enterprise resource planning systems LeQuan M. Hylton
October 2015 Transforming 40,000 databases into one consolidated logistics system Paul McCloskey
October 2015 Requirements Engineering in an Agile Software Development Environment Dr. W. Allen Huckabee
August 2015 Navy, Army Teams to Take Home GCN Awards Defense Systems Staff
July 2015 Army Connects VSATs To Speed Up Battlefield Logistics Support Kevin McCaney
July 2015 VSAT Gives Army Real-time Access To GCSS Mark Pomerleau
July 2015 GCSS-Army Empowers Company Commanders Capt. W. Sean McGill and 1st Lt. Evan M. FitzGerald
July 2015 Data-driven logistics: Not Just Another Computer System Lt. Gen Gustave "Gus" Perna
June 2015 Logistics, Industry Leaders Talk Sustainment Kim Hanson
June 2015 Units in Europe begin training on new logistics system SGT Kenneth D. Reed
June 2015 G-4: New logistics technology tool 'game-changer' David Vergun
March 2015 11th ACR Lead the Army in GCSS-A SGT Erik Thurman
March 2015 Deploying the Global Combat Support System-Army to the Joint Readiness Training Center CW3 Lashandra A. Talleyrand
February 2015 1st Brigade Combat Team integrates new management system 1LT Jonathon Hecker
July 2014 The "so what" of Army audit readiness for company commanders Capt. Robert M.W. Ahlers
July 2014 Developing future supply chain professionals By George A. Zsidisin, Elliott "Chip" Minor, Billy Davis, and Jana McQuaid
May 2014 Questions & Answers: Col. Harry Culclasure By Amber Corrin
May 2014 'Our Systems Support Every Soldier, Every Day, Everywhere' by Douglas Wiltsie
May 2014 The Army’s ERP Future by Amber Corrin and Nicole Blake Johnson
May 2014 Leveraging Information for a Competitive Advantage by COL. Jeffrey C. Powell
May 2014 Global Combat Support System-Army: A Dynamic Readiness Tool for Mission Command by Capt. Mei-Ling T. Guarino
May 2014 The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on Army Sustainment By Maj. Gen. Larry D. Wyche
March 2014 Sustainment's Role In Strategic Landpower By Lt. Col. Robert P. Mann and Capt. Alexander J. Amato
March 2014 The 10 Things You Should Know About CAISI and CSS VSAT By Capt. Bradford M. Bethea II & CW4 Luis G. Sanchez
FEB 2014 The Future Of Supply Is Here, Embrace The Change By SSG Alexander Burnett
FEB 2014 U.S. Army Europe to Undergo Logistic System Upgrade By Sgt. Daniel Cole
JAN 2014 Strategy for Improving DoD Asset Visibility By Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel Readiness
JAN 2014 Army Sustainment Command's role in replacing the Standard Army Retail Supply System with GCSS-Army By CW3 Laureen A. Williams
NOV 2013 13th SC(E) Conducts Installation-Wide Wave 1 GCSS-Army Conversion ROC Drill with Fort Hood Logisticians By CPT Monika Comeaux
OCT 2013 Transforming Logistics for a New Era By LTG Raymond V. Mason
AUG 2013 Training, Modernization Focus of Congressional Visit By Keith Desbois
JUL 2013 Developing an SAP Certification Course for the Army Logistics University By Travis J. James
MAR 2013 Global Combat Support System-Army and Sustainment 2020 By MG Larry D. Wyche
MAR 2013 The Next Generation: Cataloging Nonstandard Items By LeQuan Hylton
JAN 2013 The Global Combat Support System-Army - Enabling Prevent, Shape, Win By Stand Too
NOV 2012 GCSS-Army Materiel Management By CW3 Lasandra A. Talleyrand
OCT 2012 Army 2020: Top Four Logistics Priorities By LTG Raymond V. Mason
MAY 2012 Logistics Advocate: Army Logistics to Prevent, Shape and Win By LTG Raymond V. Mason
MAR 2012 A User’s Perspective of GCSS-Army By W. Allen Huckabee and CPT Marcus Smoot
SEP 2011 Army to Deploy Enterprise Wide Logistics System By Henry Kenyon
SEP 2011 2nd BCT Replaces Several Logistics Systems: GCSS-Army Supplants SAMS-E, SARSS, PBUSE By Ed Tillett
SEP 2011 Northrop Grumman Launches Army's Tactical Logistics Enterprise Resource Planning at Fort Bliss By Northrop Grumman
MAR 2011 Army, Marines Begin Separate ERP Rollouts By Jerud Serbu
FEB 2011 Acquainting Congressional Members with Army Logistics By Wouter van Gumster
FEB 2011 'Battle Ready' Brigade Focuses on Command Supply Discipline By CPT Kurt Van Slooten
MAY 2009 Finding a Solution for Tomorrow’s Property Book Officer By CW4 Joel Lockhart
APR 2010 Asset Management in GCSS-Army By CW5 David Dixon
MAR 2004 Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) By Defense Update Online Magazine
JAN 1999 GCSS-Army – Making the Revolution in Military Logistics Happen By COL Edward J. Shimko and LTC Thet-Shay Nyunt
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