Web Based Training

The WBT hosted below is designed to be used for familiarization and refresher training only. If a certificate of completion is required, the entire course and assessment must be taken within GTRAC.

  1.  GCSS-Army Overview
  2.  Basic Navigation
  3.  Intermediate Navigation
  4.  Using GCSS-Army Reports
  5.  Retail Supply Overview
  6.  Materiel Management Overview
  7.  Request Process Flow in GCSS-Army
  8.  Organizational Supply Overview
  9.   Maintenance Overview
  10.  Finance Overview
  11.  Spending Chain Overview
  Administrative Functions
    Decentralized User Administration (DUA) Part 1
    Decentralized User Administration (DUA) Part 2
    Using the End User Manual Plus (EUM+) Portal
    GCSS-Army Supply Support Activity Smart Book
    GCSS-Army Materiel Management Smart Book
    GCSS-Army Finance Smart Book
    GCSS-Army Reparable Turn-in Management Smart Book - Wave 1
    GCSS-Army Reparable Turn-in Management Smart Book - Wave 2

GCSSA Portal User Manual

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Last Updated: 12/17/2014