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New logistics equipment gives Lightning Support the edge
By SGT Ian Ives

Col. Gavin Lawrence (right), commander,
25th Sust. Bde., 25th ID, receives
a brief from a member of the MMT from
536th SMC, on how the GCSS-Army
is being utilized. “Photo provided
courtesy of SGT Ian Ives”

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Lightning Support Soldiers with 536th Support Maintenance Company, 524th Combat Sustainment Spt. Battalion, 25th Sust. Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, showcased how the new Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) is used in their mobile maintenance team (MMT) to the brigade leadership, April 21.

The GCSS-Army is a new data management program that is being integrated into support units to change the way maintenance is performed in the field. This is the first time the MMT has used the new program for field maintenance.

“The purpose of the exercise was to validate this company’s mobile maintenance capabilities for field maintenance in an expeditionary environment,” said Capt. Joseph Langlinais, commander, 536th SMC. “The concept is having small teams who are masters of their trade that are fit, trained and disciplined to deploy and operate in the U.S. Army-Pacific area of operations.” The MMT spent more than eight weeks preparing for this validation by training with the GCSS-Army and perfecting working as a cohesive unit. The MMT is comprised of multiple echelons: a wrecker team, an armament repair team, and a communications and electronics repair team, among others.

“The biggest part of the train-up was the conversion from our old system to the GCSS-Army,” said Sgt. Denorris Cloudy, a communications and electronics repair noncommissioned officer with 536th SMC. “It started with a few people going to schools and getting hands-on training, then those now subject matter experts came back to the company and trained everyone else. There was a lot of work that went into this, and we all worked very hard to make it happen.”

Following the validation by Col. Gavin Lawrence, commander, 25th Sust. Bde., the Soldiers of the MMT from the 536th SMC will now prepare for their final test later this year during training exercise Lightning Forge. During this exercise, they will be tasked with providing maintenance in the field for more than two weeks to several infantry battalions throughout the 25th ID.

“With the integration of the GCSS-Army, our Mobile Maintenance Teams will now be able to transform the way Lightning Support Soldiers sustain our division,” said Lawrence

This article was originally published in the Hawaii Army Weekly .

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