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GCSS-Army Moves To Fort Lee
By Mr. Jim McDonough, Support Operations Branch Lead, GCSS-ARMY

Global Combat Support System–Army (GCSS-Army) Increment 1 moved to its permanent office facility on Fort Lee, Virginia, on March 16. This move comes nine years after occupying a temporary headquarters in Petersburg, Virginia. The newly renovated Feldman Hall is named for MG Herman Feldman, who served as the Army’s Quartermaster General from March 1949 to September 1951. Formerly a billeting facility for unaccompanied personnel at Fort Lee, Feldman Hall has been transformed into a modern headquarters that greatly enhances the capabilities of the GCSS-Army team. The new building also creates adequate space for the future of the program.  

Move to Ft Lee

Feldman Hall at Fort Lee, Virginia, is the new home of the GCSS-Army team. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Sherrell Satterthwaite, Graphic Designer, GCSS-Army)

The move to Fort Lee is the result of a project that began nearly three years ago. Anticipating the need for more space as a result of Increment 1, Wave 2 fielding efforts, the team responsible for facility management began the process to expand the program’s footprint in the leased facility in the spring of 2014. The Fort Lee director of public works offered a potential permanent solution at Feldman Hall and the GCSS-Army team, in coordination with the space management team at PEO EIS, initiated the process of evaluating the potential of occupying the building. The business case analysis indicated substantial cost avoidances for the government and improved security for the GCSS-Army workforce. Additionally, Feldman Hall’s proximity to the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command’s headquarters building, where the Combat Development Team for GCSS-Army is located, was an additional perk for this project.  

After a feasibility study and structural analysis confirmed the viability of the project, the design phase started in November 2014. In August 2015, the final design confirmed the continued viability of the project and the renovation contract award took place in September 2015. Renovation took place from January to December 2016 and, after the Fort Lee Network Enterprise Center completed communications installation in early February 2017, the GCSS-Army team move took place.

By restoring an existing building that would otherwise have been demolished, the Feldman Hall project is an example of good stewardship of taxpayer dollars that also aids in the accomplishment of the GCSS-Army mission today and into the future.

This article was published in the April 2017 issue of PEO EIS Communicator

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