Available to Promise (ATP) The ability to check if the components on a work order are in stock.
Batch Formerly referred to as “Condition Code.” Classifies materiel in terms of readiness for issue.
Bill of Material (BOM) A maintenance bill of material (BOM) is a complete structured list of the components making up a piece of equipment or assembly.
Bill of Materials (BOM) An exploded view of a component, end item, or other equipment allowing users to view the authorized parts.
Component Repair parts used to repair end items. Engines and transmissions are serialized components that are included in the GCSS-Army equipment structure.
Configurable Material A materiel that has more than one allowable configurations based on interchangeable weapon systems/weapon sub-systems and components.
Counter An object (i.e. odometer, tachometer, etc) mounted on a piece of equipment by which readings are taken to object wear, consumption, or the reduction of a working supply.
Deobligation Completing a utilization notification (Formerly “Closing out a Dispatch”).
Functional Location The hierarchical location of a component or equipment and any of its sub-components. It also represents the place at which a maintenance task is performed.
Install and Dismantle Formerly referred to as “Controlled Exchange.” The removal of serviceable components from unserviceable, economically reparable end items for immediate reuse in restoring a like item to an operational condition.
Integrated Product and Process Engineering (iPPE) Loads header and structures of an end item. The allowable material is linked to the appropriate nodes. These structures and the source for the allowable list are determined by MMDF / LCF.
Maintenance Item Describes preventive maintenance tasks that are required. The maintenance item associates the individual equipment with a task list that details the maintenance procedures that must be executed for that item.
Maintenance Order Formerly referred to as a “Job order” or Work Order. A detailed planning aid for maintenance tasks used to monitor the performance of tasks.
Maintenance Plan Associates maintenance items with a scheduling indicator. A maintenance plan can be time based, calendar based, and/or usage based.
Maintenance Stocks Repair parts and other supplies normally carried by maintenance organizations; i.e., bench stock, shop stock and combat spares.
Maintenance Task List A list of steps that must be completed to perform a technical task. An example of a maintenance task list would be the inspection checklist from the annual service table of the unit level maintenance manual or the individual steps to replace the alternator from the technical manual.
Measurement Document An electronic record of a counter reading at a particular point in time. Measurement documents are used as a basis for the counter and/or condition based maintenance related activities.
Measuring Point Used to capture information regarding usage on all types of equipment where lifecycle management requires that usage data be captured.
Multi Counter Plan Maintenance plans that are based on two scheduling factors [single & multiple]. When using multiple counter plans, the maintenance routine is executed when either measurement is exceeded.
Notification A process for documenting that some form of maintenance is required for Army equipment. Common maintenance notifications include:
  1. D1 - Equipment Utilization (Dispatch)
  2. CE - Controlled Exchange
  3. HS - Historical Notification
  4. M1 - Maintenance Request
  5. MW - Modification Work Order
  6. O1 - Oil Sample
  7. PM - Preventive Maintenance
Operator Confirmation A process used when returning equipment from regular / alert dispatch. It updates the end item, component usage, operator record, and fuel usage.
Performing Work Center The performing work center defines which position (or person) that is performing maintenance tasks in the operations for a maintenance order.
Plant Maintenance Formally known as the motor pool, shop office, or production control.
PM Order Confirmation A quantitative measure of maintenance capability usually expressed as the number of man-hours or direct labor applied to a work order.
Single Cycle Plan Maintenance plans with time-based or performance-based maintenance cycles.
Status Board An electronic status board that displays the operational and technical status and other information about all equipment assigned to a force element.
Status (Technical and Operational) The technical status and operational status provide information about the extent to which an item can be used in an operation.
  1. The technical status is provided from a maintenance perspective.
  2. The operational status is provide as to inform as to leaders of the availability of the equipment for mission purposes. (i.e. FMC, NMCS, and NMCM).
Technically Complete (TECO) Status of the work order process when work is complete on that specific work order.
Technical Object An Item of equipment.
Work Center A work center is an organizational unit where work steps are carried out.
Work Order Forwarding A process used when a maintenance task for an equipment/ functional location cannot be performed at a facility where it was initiated and needs to be sent to another maintenance facility, either internal or external, for further processing.