Personnel Process (HR)
Accounting Indicator (Aind) These codes segregate the labor performed into the categories of Direct and Indirect Labor. The time expenditure collected is for both Productive (Direct and Indirect Labor) and Non-Productive work on a work order.
Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) The Time Sheet is a cross-application tool for recording employee working times. Working times are recorded centrally, together with cost accounting and labor confirmation.
Delimit When a person is no longer assigned to a GCSS-Army unit, the Delimited status is applied, which inactivates the individual’s records in GCSS-Army.
Employee Group Allows for the definition of the employee relationship to Army.
Employee Subgroup The breakdown of an Employee Group, which provides for extensive groupings in order to more efficiently process personnel activities. i.e., Active Army, Reserve, National Guard, Foreign Nationals, Government Civilians and Contractors.
Info Type Info types store related fields’ information such as name, military rank, unit assignment, position assignment, Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI’s).
Personnel Area The Personnel Area represents specific areas [i.e. State] of an enterprise that are commonly organized to enable personnel headcount, readiness reporting and time management.
Personnel Number A system-generated number assigned to on-boarded [in process] individuals at the time their personnel Master Data Record is created in GCSS-Army.