Help Desk

GCSS-Army Help Desk

All first time users of the Help Desk will be required to go to the web link below and complete an initial registration form in order to gain access to the system.

New User Requester Guide: Coming Soon.

UERP Tier 1 Help Desk

Toll Free:  1-866-757-9771

Local: (804) 734-3495

DSN: (312) 687-3495

E-Mail: usarmy.apg.sec.mbx.army-erp-helpdesk@army.mil  

Web: https://service.peoeis.army.mil/  

Self-registration for Service-Now: https://service.peoeis.army.mil/welcome.do  

Self Help-Registration for GCSS-Army (NOTE: URL is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as follows): https://www.gcss-army.army.mil/HR.Self-Register  

Provide the following as a minimum when requesting Help Desk support via email and telephonically:

1.  Subject - Include "GCSS-Army" in the Subject line if submitting incident reports via e-mail. Tier 1 provides     support to various software applications besides GCSS-Army. This will help ensure the incident is forwarded     to the correct Tier 2 help desk.

2.  Contact Info - UIC,Name, Phone #, AKO e-mail (and/or alternate email address), Unit/Office

3.  Description of Problem - Provide a detailed description of the problem. Include pertinent information such as the Business Area you are working in (i. e. Unit Supply, Property Book, Plant Maintenance, etc). Identify the specific Report , Function, or T-code you are having the problem with, and any other information that will help the analyst duplicate the error and determine the cause.

Include any pertinent attachments and screen shots. If you received an “Authorization” related error while trying to execute a specific transaction, type "/NSU53" in the command line and include the results as a screen capture/attachment.