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The GCSS-Army Training and Certification system (GTRAC) is the source for current web based training for GCSS-Army. The GCSS-Army WBT is a pre-requisite for the New Equipment Training (NET) taught in the classroom just prior to going live. The GCSS-Army WBT should be completed 1-2 weeks before NET training begins. Students are required to produce Certificates of Completion and must take the required courses within GTRAC. The curriculum includes both the WBT and exams for each lesson. The entire set of WBT lessons for a specific role must be passed in order to meet the NET training prerequisites.

It is very important that new students begin by taking the first four courses (GCSS-Army Overview, Basic Navigation, Intermediate Navigation, and Use GCSS-Army Reports), followed by other courses in their functional area.

Each course must be completed prior to taking the assessment. The student will be given three attempts to pass the course assessment. Once the assessment is passed, a Certificate of Completion will be issued. If the assessment is not passed within three attempts, the student must retake the course prior to attempting the assessment again .

Note: Material may be found within training stating that WBT must be completed within ALMS in order to receive credit. Disregard mentions of ALMS. GTRAC is the source for completing current WBT and obtaining certificates of completion. References to ALMS will be systematically purged as materials are updated.

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